The video claiming Egyptians carrying water and food to deliver to Palestine is old and false


These are civil Egyptians crossing the Palestinian border to deliver water and food stuffs to Palestine

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In the 18-second viral video, we see lots of people carrying a tied white bag-like structure around their backs walking in the barren desert land. This viral clip has garnered around 1.1 M Views, 28.2k likes, and more than 11.9k reposts.

This post is shared by claiming that civil Egyptians cross the Palestinian border to deliver water and food stuffs to Palestine. The same post is widely spread on social media with similar claims that can be seen here, here, here, and here. Come let’s check the authenticity of this claim.

What’s the truth?

On the 7th of October 2023, the Palestinian Hamas militant group attacked Israel from Gaza. After this, Israeli warplanes carried out airstrikes on the Gaza Strip. The situation of war is getting worse day by day with thousands of people dead.

An analysis of the circulating video revealed that it was an old video taken before the conflict between Israel and the Palestinian Hamas organization.

Searching the internet with the keyframes of this video, it was posted on a X page on 13th of this month (October) with a different information as the caption along with screenshot from TikTok.

It read as ‘Fake. It’s a few weeks old video. They’re smugglers between Egypt and Libya.’

Searching Tik Tok with this, it was found that it was posted on August 31.

A further Google reverse image search revealed that the same video had been posted on 1 Septemberon some other X pages. It said, ‘What is happening on the Libyan-Egyptian border?’ But there is no information regarding who are they and what they are carrying.

Archive link 

However, this viral clip can be seen on social media a month before the conflict between Israel and Hamas (October 7th). So this proves that the video has nothing to do with the current war.

We have also published more articles in Youturn about the various fake news that have been spread in connection with the war between Israel and Hamas.

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In our search, the video claiming of Egyptians carrying food and water across the desert to the people of Gaza is not recent clip. It should be noted that the video was spread on social media before the start of the war between Israel and Hamas.

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