The video doesn’t show Vedant Agarwal rather he is an Instagram influencer!

In response to the Pune Porsche crash, Aryan, @cringistaan2 sings the rap song. Vedant Agarwal is falsely linked to this song video.


The judiciary asked Vedant Agarwal to write an essay after the Pune Porsche accident. This is the rap he wrote. Police are confirming whether it is his video. But the arrogance is just sick! Whoever made this.

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On May 19, two people were killed in Pune’s Kalyani Nagar after a Porsche, purportedly driven by a 17-year-old youngster named Vedant Agarwal, collided with a motorbike. The young person was apparently drunk when the incident occurred, according to the authorities.

In this case, we see a young man filming himself and singing swiftly in a 24-second clip. As we listened to the music, we noticed that it had a rap feel. This post is shared with a claim stating, “Judiciary asked Vedant Agarwal to write an essay after the Pune Porsche accident. This is the rap he wrote. Police are confirming whether it is his video. But the arrogance is just sick! Whoever made this.” Similar claim posts can be seen here, here, and here.

What’s the truth?

We began our study by searching for pertinent keywords like “Vedant Agarwal singing” and “Vedant Agarwal singing in a Pune car crash.” Additionally, we performed the reverse image search using the video’s viral keyframes.

This led us to an Instagram account user namely @cringistaan2. While browsing his page, we discovered that he creates content and has included media reports in his stories stating that the singer of the song is not the juvenile Vedant involved in the Pune Porsche crash. Additionally, it appears that the user is unconcerned about the contentious song lyrics, despite the media calling it out for making fun of the young person and his parents in these exhausting times.

We then searched the internet with ‘Vedant Agarwal Pune car crash’ and found a Times Now article. According to the article, Vedant is charged with causing the deaths of two people when he crashed his Porsche Taycan onto a motorcycle. He was seen having fun at a bar hours before the accident and was intoxicated when it occurred. The minor, identified as the Child-in-Conflict-with-Law (CCL), was released on bond with a Rs 7,500 surety.

Also, the court listed the following conditions during his bail. They are as follows, “he must write a 300-word essay on the effects of road accidents and their solutions. Then, he will assist the RTO officer and practice studying traffic rules for 15 days, then submit a report to the Juvenile Justice Board. The minor is referred to Muktagan for external de-addiction counseling, and its report must be submitted to the Juvenile Justice Board. The minor must consult with psychology and psychiatry doctors at Sasson.”

Since Vendant was granted bail by the Juvenile Justice Board with unusual terms, the episode has garnered a great deal of criticism among the public.

We increased the intensity of our search and found the screen grabs of the rap-singing video in an article published on May 24 by the Free Press Journal.

As per the report,  “Shivani Agrawal, the mother of the minor accused, has surfaced online where she breaks down while clarifying that a viral video being circulated with claims of featuring her son is fake.”

All this information confirms and clarifies that the viral video doesn’t show Vedant Agarwal as the claim suggests.


We, therefore, conclude that the widely shared video, which purports to show Vedant Agarwal singing a rap song he created as a police essay, is false and misleading. The individual in the video is a content creator on Instagram going by the handle Cringistaan2.

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Indu Meenakshi

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