The video of a woman thrashing a man from Karnataka is not the effect of ‘Kerala Story’.



The results of the Kerala story have started coming…. 🚩🚩 Ahmed was harassing a Hindu woman in Karnataka by texting and calling her daily.. Then did that woman invite her to meet with great love and had already invited her Bajrang Dal workers… women are waking up now

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A video purportedly showing a woman meeting a man initially and thrashing him along with a few others is shared widely to claim that it is the result of the movie ‘The Kerala Story’. It is mentioned in the posts, “Ahmed was harassing a Hindu woman in Karnataka by texting and calling her daily. Then that woman invited him to meet her and had already informed her Bajrang Dal workers. Women are waking up now. The results of the Kerala story have started coming”. Some of the posts with such a claim can be seen here and here.

The viral posts in Hindi read as “केरला स्टोरी के  नतीजे  आने की शुरूआत हो गई ….🚩🚩कर्नाटक  में अहमद रोज मॅसेजकरके फोन करके एक हिंदू महिला को परेशान कर रहा था.. फिर क्या उस महिला ने बडे प्यार से मिलने बुलाया और अपने बजरंग दलके बजरंगी कार्यकर्तों को भी पहले से ही बुलाकर रखा था  अब महिलाएं जाग रही हैl”

What is the truth?

When reverse-searching the keyframes of the viral video we found that the video is old. Telugu Samayam article is found carrying the viral video mentioning that a married woman in Karnataka faced harassment through her phone daily. She could not tolerate it as it gets repeated daily and hence she planned along with her husband and a few others to catch him. She pretended to meet him and the viral video is all about the meeting. Later, the harasser was arrested. This article is dated 18, September 2020.

A Facebook post by the English NEWSJ page dated 25, September 2020 is found carrying the viral video. The post is captioned “Man thrashed and then arrested in Madikeri, Karnataka. Man pays price for sending vulgar messages to a woman”.

The Times of India article dated 18, September 2020 is found reporting about the incident with the title “Woman thrashes man with footwear in viral video; five arrested”. It mentioned that Mohammed Mudasir was sending lewd messages to a married woman in Madikeri, Karnataka, and ended up getting thrashed for the same.

It further mentions that the police have arrested Mudasir, and four others including the woman based on the counter-complaint that Mudasir filed against the woman and the three aides for assaulting him.


It is found that the viral video is an incident from Karnataka that happened in 2020 and is not a result of the movie ‘The Kerala Story’ by any means.

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