The viral video of three men in Rajasthan crawling on the floor is wrongly linked with the UP girl’s murder case.


These perpetrators Sehbaz, Arbaz, and Faisal pulled the dupatta of a girl who was riding on her bicycle, she fell off and got run over by another bike ..eventually died on the spot. Now look at their condition. Yogi hai to mumkin hai.

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In the 30-second viral video, we can see three men crawling on the floor backward using their hands. The viral clip has received a whopping number of 2.3M views, 17K likes, and above 4800 reposts.

The video is shared with the claim stating that the three Muslim men are the perpetrators of pulling a girl’s shawl who was riding a bicycle. Unfortunately, the girl fell down, was run over by another bike, and died on the spot. Many social media users shared this post with similar claims that can be seen here, here,and here. Come, let’s check the authenticity of this claim.

What’s the truth?

When we started our research using the keyframes from the viral video it led us to a YouTube video posted by “First India News” on 18 September 2023. The news was uploaded with the title, “See the end of crime. Video of miscreants is going viral on social media| Ajay Jhamri Murder Case.”

According to the news anchor, the three men are accused of the ‘Ajay Jhamri Murder case in Bharatpur’ and were arrested by the police during the encounter. These men tried to escape from the police and were shot during their escape. And this video is now falsely linked to the UP girl’s death.

When we searched further, we also got an article from ‘Dainik’ titled as “Murder accused shot inspector in the chest: 3 accused also injured in retaliatory firing, had committed murder in the market 10 days ago” published on 6 September 2023.

The news report states that, “On the evening of August 27, a young man named Ajay Jhamri (23) was shot dead in Bharatpur. On Tuesday, the police had received information about the three miscreants who committed the murder. On the information of the informer, the police surrounded the accused and they fired on the chest of the DST in charge Mukesh.

In retaliatory firing, miscreants Tejveer, Yuvraj, and Bunty Khushal were shot in both their legs. The injured have been admitted to RBM Hospital in Bharatpur. The condition of one of these criminals, Bunty Khushal, is more serious.”

This clearly proves that the above viral video showing three men crawling is from the Bharatpur, Rajasthan Jhamri murder case and has nothing to do with the UP girl accident murder case. Moreover, they are not Muslims; all three belong to the Hindu community.

Likewise, we also searched for the UP murder case, with relevant keywords, and found an article published by the “NDTV” titled ‘UP Girl Falls Off Cycle As Men On Bike Pull Her Dupatta, Crushed To Death’ on 17 September 2023. According to the article, “A 17-year-old girl in Uttar Pradesh’s Ambedkar Nagar district was killed on Friday in an accident after two men on a motorcycle pulled her stole (dupatta) while she was riding home from school on a bicycle with her friend. The girl lost her balance, fell to the ground, and was then hit by another motorcycle coming from behind. She died on the spot, police said.

The three accused have been identified as Faisal, Shahbaz, and Arbaaz, police said. The police filed a case and arrested the three yesterday after scanning CCTV footage of the area.”

We also did a comparison for the above two news with the three accused faces and conclude that they are very different persons altogether.

This clearly proves that the above viral video is from the Bharatpur Jhamri murder case which is falsely linked to the UP girl’s accident murder case.


Therefore, we conclude that the above viral video is related to the Bharatpur murder case which is wrongly linked and circulated with the misleading claims of UP girl’s accident murder case on social media platforms.

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