The woman swinging the sword in the viral video is not the Rajasthan Deputy CM!

The viral video shows a Youtuber namely Nikitabaa Rathod from Ahmedabad and not Diya Kumari, Deputy CM of Rajasthan


“There was an uproar in the enemy camp when he raised his arrow and sword.” This is the Deputy Chief Minister @KumariDiya of Rajasthan. She seems to be swinging her sword as if she is a brave woman of Rajasthan. is amazing

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The 1 minute 21 seconds video shows a woman swinging and performing with a sword to the crowd around her. This post is shared with a claim stating that she is the Deputy CM of Rajasthan Kumari Diya. The social media users added, “Brave woman of Rajasthan is swinging the sword.”You can view related posts with similar claims here, here, and here.

What’s the truth?

We discovered certain YouTube images that perfectly matched the woman in the clips when we began analyzing the keyframes of the viral videos.

As per the Nikitabaa Rathod Official YouTube channel, the identical widely popular video was posted on January 23, 2024, under the heading “Talvarbaji.. nikitabaa Rathod.” According to her bio, it says she is the owner of a Baisa Beauty Zone and a social worker.

Upon further investigation, we discovered that she had made numerous videos of herself swinging swords, available on her YouTube account. We have added one such video for the readers below.

Also, we searched and got her Instagram handle, where she uploads videos frequently. According to her Instagram, her name is Nikitabaa Rathod and she hails from Ahmedabad and not Rajasthan as the viral claim suggests.

We have also attached a comparison image of both the YouTuber and the Deputy CM of Rajasthan Diya Kumari for the reader’s reference.

All this clarifies that the viral video doesn’t show the Deputy CM of Rajasthan Diya Kumari.


Therefore, we deduce that the popular video features an Ahmedabad-based YouTuber named Nikitabaa Rathod. This proves that the rumors identifying her as Rajasthan’s deputy chief minister, Diya Kumari, are false.

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Indu Meenakshi

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