The woman’s hand was amputated in an accident in Karnataka but the right-wing blames Congress with false claims.


In Hulinahalli, Karnataka, a woman’s arm was cut off while she was climbing the bus from the window. The price of free bus travel is your arm #Karnataka #FreeBusRide #Congress

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The Karnataka government led by Congress launched the Shakti scheme for women. The main objective behind launching Shakti Scheme is to empower women financially by providing them with free of cost bus service. A video of a woman with one of her hands amputated and bleeding is circulated on social media with the claim that the woman’s arm was cut off while she was boarding the bus through the window. The post further mentions that the price of free bus travel is an arm. The post can be seen with the hashtags including Congress.

The same video is also shared by Wasim Khan, President of Mumbai Minority Morcha, BJP with the claim that goons cut off a woman’s hand in a moving bus in Karnataka. He further tagged Rahul Gandhi and asked him to answer. Some of the posts with the viral video can be seen here and here.

What is the truth?

When searching with relevant keywords we found that the video is being shared with false claims.

KSRTC, Karnataka took to Twitter on 25, June 2023 to clarify regarding the viral video mentioning it as “misrepresentation of the video of the accident on social media, depicting it as an incident that took place while boarding a bus through the window near Hullenahalli in Mandya district.”

The tweet also has a statement dated 18/06/2023. The statement mentions that a bus from Chamarajanagar depot was operating from Nanjangud to T.Naraseepur and at about 1.45 pm near Basavarajpura, the driver of a Tamil Nadu registered lorry was over speeding and carelessly hit the right side of the KSRTC bus and crashed near the rear window. In this accident, the female passengers who were sitting in the seats near the windows were seriously injured.

Mrs. Shanta Kumari, 33 years, Magudilu, HD Kote taluk has amputated right hand and Mrs. Rajamma, 50 years, Hullahalli, Nanjangudu taluk has severe right hand injury. Officials of the organization conducted a site inspection and the injured were given primary treatment at Nanjangud Government Hospital and then admitted to Apollo Hospital in Mysore for further treatment.

An FIR has been registered against the lorry driver at Biligere police station. The drivers of the KSRTC bus are not at fault in this accident. The corporation is bearing the entire cost of treatment of the injured. The statement concluded by mentioning “Therefore, it has been brought to their attention that this is not an incident of boarding the bus through the window as portrayed on social media.”


It is found that the video showing a woman with her hand amputated and bleeding is not because she boarded the bus through the window or because she was attacked by goons as claimed. Her hand was cut off in an accident when a lorry hit the bus she was traveling in.

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