The wriggling Broccoli is not a Bill Gates’ lab-grown product; rather, it is an artwork.

The quivering broccoli video is created by the artist Russell Cameron and it's a piece of art and not a real one


Bill Gates’ Artificial Products: Broccoli, an artificial plant produced in laboratories. It is one of the products that Bill Gates calls healthy.

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A video showcasing a piece of broccoli moving on its own after receiving a liquid injection is shared by a social media user on his X handle. The twitching broccoli is allegedly one of Bill Gates’ lab-produced artificial products, according to the post’s caption. The user further added, “It’s one of the products that Bill Gates called healthy.” You can view related posts with similar claims here, here, here, here, and here.

What’s the truth?

We were able to find the original creator’s Instagram account by searching for the name displayed as a watermark in the viral video. The creator, identified by the handle, is Russell Cameron, who goes by @provindingforthecommunity on Instagram.

On his page, we also discovered the widely shared claim video in addition to numerous other twitching videos of various foods, including potatoes, chicken, bananas, and many more.

Upon perusing the creator’s bio, we discovered that it was titled “Video creator and artist”. This attests to the fact that the mentioned video is an artistic creation by the video creator and not an actual product. Also, this confirms that Bill Gates did not develop twitching broccoli in a lab.

As we continued our search, we discovered that Cameron is a self-taught artist from Brooklyn, New York. His artwork is described as “dark emotive and somewhat unsettling” in his bio on a DeviantArt page devoted to his sculptures.

According to the bio on this page, “Russel’s main objective when creating a sculpture is to give it life, feeling and a place among us, whether it be a classic bust or a deformed limb mounted on a sheet of wood the piece should speak and tell a story to the viewer.”

The aforementioned data confirms that the video that is making the rounds, portraying the moving broccoli as one of Bill Gates’ manufactured products grown in a lab, is wholly untrue.

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In conclusion, the video was made by an artist who regularly produces films of food moving unusually, and it has nothing to do with Bill Gates’ lab-grown goods.

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Indu Meenakshi

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