This article is from Mar 02, 2021

Fake news spread that KP Munusamy and Palanisamy said about Thevar community!


The Vanniar community are not a group of criminals who sell timber and drink toddy. The real proletarians. The internal quota is recognition for their work – KP Munusamy (ADMK)

I can win the election without the favour of the Mukkulathor community- Edappadi Palanisamy.






The AIADMK government passed a bill to provide 10.5% quota for education and employment to the Vanniar community in the most backward sections and got the approval of the Governor.

In this context, a news card of Lotus News has been shared on social media that AIADMK Deputy Co-ordinator KP Munusamy Thevar compared the Vanniyar community to the 10.5% quota. But, this is a fake news that has been edited and spread.

K.P. Munuswamy did not say anything comparing the two communities and the Lotus news page did not publish any such news card. Deliberately, someone is mix editing and spreading.

Next, Edappadi Palanisamy said that I could be in power without the favour of the Mukkulathor community. News18 Tamil’s old news card is being edited and misrepresented here.





At the time of the election, people in political parties began to edit news cards and spread fake comments on social media. They are also spreading rumours to provoke caste conflict. Therefore, before sharing any posts find the truth of the message you are sharing on social websites.




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