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Were there 1500 couplets (kural) in Thirukkural till 1912?


1500 couplets in the Thirukural till 1912… so who shorten this into 1330.



The cover of the old book titled “Thiruvalluvar Nayanar” is going viral on social media.

Fact Check:

You can find it easily by looking at the front page of the book. ” Gnanavettiyan ” by Thiruvalluvar Nayanar is featured as a song with 1500 songs.

Thiruvalluvar is said to have only composed the world-famous Thirukkural with 1330 which is quite wrong, but he also has written various books. However, he also wrote Gnanavettiyan which contains 1500 songs, is referred to as “Thiruvalluva Nayanar”.

Many people have written and published text for this. They are using Thiruvalluvar’s photo in that speech.

However, some say that Thiruvalluva Nayanar was not a cultivator who composed Tirukurala and that he lived in the 12th century. However, it is not clear who the name Thiruvalluvar Nayanar refers to.

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Various rumours about Thiruvalluvar’s image, his religion and caste were spread on social media. Currently, there are rumours that Thirukkural has 1500 couplets still 1912.

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