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BJP is spreading rumours that MP Thirumavalavan chants as Khalistan Zindabad!


When will Thirumavalavan, who chanted the slogan ‘Khalistan Zindabad’, be arrested?

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Thirumavalavan, the leader of the VCK and MP Ravikumar, was claimed to be chanted “Khalistan Zindabad”  and this was shared widely on social media sites about the arrest of Thirumavalavan, who chanted “Khalistan Zindabad”.

A 2-minute video mentioning Thirumavalavan is also being shared on the Facebook page of Maridas Videos (Fan Page), BJP and right-wing supporters have been sharing the video virally on social media mentioning that Thirumavalavan chanted “Khalistan Zindabad” and questioned whether they would arrest him.

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Fact Check:

On February 11, MP Ravikumar said, “Leader Ezhuchith Tamilar and I met and expressed support for the millions of struggling farmers on the Delhi-Haryana border. Look at those scenes in this video. ”He shared a video taken during the protest on his Twitter page.

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In the 2-minute viral video, MPs standing next to Thirumavalavan and Ravikumar chanting, “Jeetenge Jeetenge. Later, the farmers continued to raise the same slogan Kisan Ekta (Kishan Ekta Zindabad – Kisan Ekta Zindabad) which means to live in unity. One can hear the old woman clearly pronouncing Kisan Ekta. It is as if some people combine the pronunciation with Kisan Ekta.

The slogan Kisan Ekta Zindabad is the word for unity used throughout the farmer’s struggle. Those standing near Thirumavalavan are chanting slogans including Jeetange Jeetange, Kisan Ekta Zindabad, not Khalistan Zindabad.

Those on the platform above have raised slogans against Inqilab Zindabad, anti-fascism and the rights of the farmers, in the Punjabi language. In this regard, when we asked those who know the Punjabi language, they told us that the word Khalistan did not even appear in the video.

MPs Thirumavalavan and Ravikumar have joined the farmers’ struggle and expressed their support. In addition, Kisan Ekta .. Zindabad can be clearly heard shouting.

Villupuram MP Ravikumar was informed about the viral video through WhatsApp message. We tried to contact him, but he did not answer the call. If he answers, we attach it as well.

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Earlier, rumours were circulating that pro-Khalistan slogans had been raised during the farmers’ protest and that the Khalistan flag had been hoisted at the Red Fort in Delhi.

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In our search, the information that Tamil Nadu MPs Thirumavalavan and Ravikumar, who took part in the farmers’ struggle and expressed support, chanted Khalistan Zindabad was false. The video does not feature the word Khalistan Zindabad. Instead, the slogan Kisan Ekta Zindabad is being misrepresented as Khalistan.

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