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The original photo of Thiruvalluvar is from Jaffna? what’s the truth?


Original photo of Ian Thiruvalluvar !!! Treasure to be protected !! Retrieved from the Jaffna Library in Sri Lanka which was set on fire!



We continue to see people of Hinduism, Christianity, Jainism, and Buddhism celebrating Valluvar as the author. Similarly, the argument arises that he does not belong to any religion.

In this case, the original photo of Thiruvalluvar taken from the Jaffna library which was set on fire in Sri Lanka has been shared on social media for some years.

Fact Check:

While searching for the image that would go viral as Thiruvalluvar’s original photo, Reverse Image found the complete picture printed in the book in a tweet shared by GK Kamal in 2019 mentioning the name of BJP leader H Raja.

Below the picture, there is a painting by Tirunelveli South Indian Saivacintha Nurupathippak Kazhagam. This is also a fictional model painting and not a painting from the Jaffna library.

The government has been recognizing and using the painting by Venugopal Sharma as a common image as no one knows what the real image of Thiruvalluvar will look like. At the same time, many people of all faiths and seculars are publishing pictures giving a different image to Thiruvalluvar.

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Not only is there a debate about Thiruvalluvar’s religion, but there is also talk of what caste he belongs to. Various controversies have been created with Thiruvalluvar. We have been publishing articles on it many times.

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In our search, the original photo of Thiruvalluvar obtained from the Jaffna Library of Sri Lanka was circulated as an imaginary model painting by the Tirunelveli South Indian Saivacintha Nurupathippak Kazhagam.

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