This baby peacock is AI-generated.

Peachicks do not have blue feathers when they are young.


Because you all need to see a baby peacock.

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An image that claimed to show an adorable baby peacock is widely circulated on Twitter, Facebook and Youtube. Some of the posts can be seen here and here.

What is the truth?

When reverse searching the viral image we found that the image is AI (Artificial Intelligence) generated. We found the same image published on the ‘stock.adobe’ website with the caption “Generated with AI”. The page also has a couple of similar images from the same series.

The viral image is also found featured in an article on the ‘birdfact’ website. This image is captioned “This is not a real baby peacock, instead, it’s been created by AI”. The image is featured to show what does a baby peacock not look like. It is also stated that this image is not an actual photograph of a real baby peacock (peachick). It has been generated using AI Rendering (Artificial Intelligence) through an AI Image Generator.

Then what does a baby peacock or a peachick look like? In summary, the article provides details on the appearance of baby peacocks or peachicks. It describes them as having a covering of soft, light brown down and striped wing feathers similar to those of a baby pheasant, as these birds are closely related to peafowl. Initially, it is extremely difficult to distinguish between a newborn peacock and a peahen. The article also showcases a professional photograph featuring a peachick and its mother.

There were multiple AI-generated images shared as real earlier. Youturn covered most of them and the articles can be read here.

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It is found that the image showing a blue-feathered peachick is AI generated and not a real photo of a baby peacock. The baby peacocks in reality do not have blue feathers but have brown feathers like baby pheasants.

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