Image claiming to show actress Kangana Ranaut’s cheek turning red after the slap is old and unrelated!

The widely circulated image originates from a mosquito advertisement that has been misidentified as Kangana's!


Kangana your cheeks have turned red

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Kangana Ranaut, the winner of the Mandi constituency, is said to have been slapped by a female constable of the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) on her cheek at the Chandigarh airport. The constable said during the questioning, that she did so because Ranaut was disrespecting farmers.

In this case, a photo claiming to be actress Kangana Ranaut, who received a blow on the cheek, is going viral on social media. The image unequivocally displays red fingerprints on the cheek of the woman who has been smacked on it.

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What’s the truth?

After reading the news reports, we discovered that on June 06, the day of the event, Kangana Ranaut uploaded a video on her X page.

In the video, she said, “I have been getting a lot of phone calls from the media and my well-wishers. First, I’m safe, I’m perfectly fine. Today at Chandigarh airport when I came out after the security check, the lady from the second cabin ie a CISF security staff came and slapped me on my face and asked why did you do that, she said she supports the farmers, I am safe now but I am concerned about the growing militancy in Punjab.”

Interestingly, unlike the widely circulated photo, the red handprints from a beating are not apparent on her face in the video.

Consequently, we used Google’s reverse image search to find the image that was going viral. We found that the identical image was used in an advertisement for Baygon’s Anit-Mosquito Spray on the website Cool Marketing Thoughts.

However, some individuals are misrepresenting the image on social media, saying that it shows actress Kangana Ranaut’s cheek after the slap incident without cropping out her face.

So we have attached a comparison image of both viral and original image for the reader’s reference below

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Our search revealed that a photo circulating on social media claiming to be actress Kangana Ranaut who received a blow on her cheek in Chandigarh is false.

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