This rotor challenge video is 3D animated and created with motion capture tools, not real.


What level of madness is this?

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A video claiming to show a ‘rotor challenge’ is widely shared on social media platforms. A person is shown being thrown into the air after perching on top of a rotating helicopter rotor in the video. This video is shared in the context that it is real and some of such posts can be seen here and here.

What is the truth?

When watching the video closely we found a watermark ‘MBG CORE’ in it. With further search we found that the video is not real but a computer graphics (CG) video. The same video was found uploaded on the ‘MBG CORE’ Youtube channel in October 2021 with the caption ‘Rotor challenge by MBG Core’.

The description part mentions that the motion capture (Mocap) is made with a smart suit from ‘Rokoko’ and a YouTube video is credited for vocals. Rokoko is a website for animation videos using motion capture tools.

The same video was also found posted on the Facebook page of Rokoko in October 2021. The caption of the video says that it is hyper-realistic work by CGI and 3D generalist, MBG CORE. It further states that the characters are animated with its smartsuitpro tool. Hashtags included in the caption also convey that the video is a 3D art.

We also found the ‘Rotor challenge breakdown’ video on MBG CORE’s Instagram and YouTube pages. The description part reads “Cinema 4D/ Redshift / Marvelous Designer / Ae Track: Farewell to wendo – Mock & Toof”.

The Instagram bio says that the person behind the creation is Marc and that he is a CGI and 3D Generalist. One of his 3D animated videos went viral earlier thinking it to be true. Youturn fact-checked and published an article on the same.

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We mentioned in that article that Marc Aurelien, a French self-taught artist is the man behind MBG (Motion Blaster Graphics) CORE.


It is found that the rotor challenge video created by a CGI and 3D generalist, Marc with motion capture tools from Rototo is shared as real.

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