This video doesn’t show phosphorus bombs on Gaza rather it’s from the Russia-Ukraine war


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In the 17 second viral clip we were able to witness fire fumes falling from the sky at night time. The fumes are so fiery looking like its raining fire balls from the sky across the city.

This video is shared with a claim stating that, “Israel air force drops prohibited Phosphorus bombs on Gaza.” The similar clip is shared by many other social media users with the same claim can be viewed here, here, here, and here.Come, let’s  check the authenticity of this viral claim.

What’s the truth?

When we started our research we noticed that many people in the comment section have pointed out that the video is old and from the Russia-Ukraine war. We took that as a hint and searched with the keyframes of the viral video and we got the same video uploaded by a user namely, ‘Thomas van Linge’ in his X account on 12 March 2023. The video is 1 minute 13 seconds longer version where we see the exact fire flashes raining down the street through the sky. But the user has captioned the video as “Ukrainian sources report that the Russians have been using incendiary munition on the town of Vuhledar.”

This clearly proves that, the video is old and the war scenes are from Russia and Ukraine. This viral clip is in no way related to the ongoing Israel-Palestine war.

Also, we advanced our search which led us to an article published by the ‘’ on 13 March 2023. The report carried the same video and images of the fire flashes. This article is titled as, “The deadly thermite bombs Putin is using to bring hell to Ukraine: How destructive missiles spread burning payload over wide areas and disintegrate victims’ flesh.”

According to the article, “Vladimir Putin is using deadly thermite bombs capable of burning through flesh to bring hell to Ukraine, several videos have shown.

In the most recent example from over the weekend, Russian incendiary munitions rained down on the Ukrainian town of Vuhledar. The footage, which emerged overnight on Saturday to Sunday, showed the deadly white flames illuminating the night’s sky over the town with a burn temperature of over 2,000 degrees Celsius, the weapons can easily set flammable surfaces alight, and can burn human flesh down to the bone. The payload spreads the munitions over a wide area to inflict maximum damage.”

This solidly poves that the video is from the Russia-Ukraine wartime and has no connection to the ongoing Israel-Gaza war.

What is white phosphorous?

White phosphorous is a chemical made from phosphate rocks. In solid form, it has a waxy texture and a garlic-like odor. It may be white or yellow in color, or clear. White phosphorus is extremely toxic to humans. It can also be quite unstable. In some forms, it catches fire at just 10-15 degrees above room temperature in reaction to oxygen.

White phosphorus bombs are incendiary weapons. That means that along with their destructive explosive power, they can spread fire. In this case, the fire is made from burning phosphorus, which burns at about 1,500 F. White phosphorus bombs can spread this fire over an area up to several hundred square yards. And the phosphorus continues to burn until it is all gone. All it requires is the presence of oxygen, which is in the air.

Though there are news reports mentioning that Israel is using phosphorous-bombs, this particular video is not related to Israel-Hamas clash.


Therefore, we conclude with all the available evidence that, the viral clip claiming Israel bombing Gaza with phosphorous bombs is false. In reality, the video is from the Russia-Ukraine war earlier happened in March 2023.

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