This video is not of an actual couple having a real fight. It’s just a scripted video.


Kalesh b/w Husband and Wife, over a wife, wearing a short dress.

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In the 51-second shared viral video, we see a woman arguing with a man. The man who films the video questions her outfit choices and asks where she is headed to. She responds by saying it’s her choice which leads to a heated exchange between the two. This post has so far received a whopping number of 1.8M views on X, formerly Twitter. A similar post can be seen here.

What’s the truth?

When we started our analysis using each and every keyframe of the viral clip, it led us to the original video uploaded by the content creators on their Instagram handle.

The video was uploaded by the user namely Sujeet Pandey along with Ankita Karotiya on September 9, 2023. The video was titled ‘What dress is this?.’ Also, the video has included hashtags like comedy, funny, just for fun, prank, entertainment, trending, and many more.

While going through the profile of Sujeet Pandey we found that he as written his bio as a video creator and a prankster based in Bihar.

Likewise, when we researched through the Ankita Karotiya’sprofile, the bio has written as artist and a prankster based on Delhi.

This confirms that, they both have scripted and enacted this video as a prank. Likewise when we searched through their Instagram page there are more such ‘altercation’ videos with million views.


The viral video is scripted and staged by artists who do similar videos for entertainment value in social media. This is not a real video of a real couple having a real argument.

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