This video of two boats crashing into each other is from Kerala not Lakshadweep.

After Maldives, now ‘fake news’ against Lakshadweep is doing the rounds but social media doesn’t have time to verify the facts.



Lakshadweep, India

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Maldives and Lakshadweep have been on focus since the beginning of the year thanks to India’s push for promoting Lakshadweep as the tourist destination and position it as an alternative to Maldives due to various geo-political and internal reasons. After Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Lakshadweep, there had been a flurry of misinformation against Maldives and the sentiment has turned decisively against the Maldives’ atolls which were also fuelled by some distasteful comments by some Maldivian politicians. Now, a video is being shared in social media with comments that the video is from Lakshadweep which shows two boats ramming into each other.

What’s the truth?

When looking at the video, it appeared to be a clip from Kerala as the southern coastal state is famous for the boats roved by many men like the one in the video and boat races are definite tourist attraction. When we did a keyword search, we were able to find that the clip is indeed from Kerala. We were also able to find different videos of the crash uploaded to YouTube.


It was also covered in major news outlets in Kerala such as Malayalam Manorama and Asianet News with which we are able to find that the video is from the Pandanad Champions Boat League.

Mathrubumi, another Malayalam news outlet, has also covered the incident and the video of the boat accident can be found on their YouTube page.



The video is falsely attributed to Lakshadweep. The video is from Kerala, and it was taken in Alappuzha in December 2023.

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