This viral video of an old priest and a schoolgirl getting married is a scripted one


In which temple did Grandfather go and pray?

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A short video of an elderly priest and a schoolgirl getting married goes viral on social media. In the video, a girl in a school uniform with a red shawl on her head and an elderly man is seen exchanging garlands. This shorts from Youtube is widely circulated with a title in Hindi which is translated as “In which temple did grandfather go and ask for a vow”. Some users even went on to ask “A 15-year-old girl married to a 65-year-old uncle, we become blind?”.

And this video is also seen going viral on YouTube pages with similar messages. Come, let’s check the truth behind this sensational claim.

What is the truth?

After analyzing the keyframes of the viral video through Google reverse image search, we were able to confirm that the video is not a real event, but a simulated video.

The full video was recorded on V Earth Music’s YouTube page titled “A 16-year-old 9th-grade girl was married to a 70-year-old man, and what happened next.”

In the video, a schoolgirl hides Sindhoor on her forehead, and then the student’s family marries her to an old man of her choice. When we dug a little deep we came to know that the people in it spoke the Bhojpuri language.

So after researching this YouTube page, we came to know that the name of the person owning this channel is Deepak Kumar from Patna, the name of the student in the school uniform is Ankita and the name of the old man is Satyanarayana.

Similarly, in another video, it was also seen that all the actors who acted in this video were featured. With this, it is certain that they are acting in many videos like this one.

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In our search, we have come to know that the video circulating on social media of an old priest and a schoolgirl getting married is not real and is a fake and scripted video.

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