Sun News published false information that snipers were used in Tuticorin shooting!


Shocking information from the Tuticorin shooting inquiry commission. The autopsy confirmed that sniper rifles were used.

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On May 22, 2018, people staged various protests against the Sterlite Copper Company in the Tuticorin district. When the protest was going on for about the hundredth day, the police started firing against the protestors. Thirteen people lost their lives and around 100 were injured in the shooting.

A commission headed by retired judge Aruna Jagadeesan was formed to investigate the matter. On May 14 last year, Justice Aruna Jagadeesan submitted the interim report to Chief Minister M.K.Stalin. She has now submitted a complete report on August 18.

There is wrong information about this in the news published by Sun News TV that the autopsy has confirmed that the sniper rifle was used in the Tuticorin firing.

What is the truth?

In the report given by the retired judge Aruna Jagadeesan’s committee, “The self-loading SLR rifle that can fire at long range has been used,” The Hindu Frontline reported. Not a sniper rifle.

It should be understood that an SLR gun is different and a sniper is different. Sniper rifles are used to target people at a distance. The guns used in the Tuticorin firing were of the SLR type.


The gun used in the Tuticorin shooting was not of the sniper type. The guards used only SLR-type rifles. But, Sun News has published wrong information that the report given by retired judge Aruna Jagadeesan’s committee mentions the use of snipers.

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