No, the men were not electrocuted near the Mosque during Ram Navami celebrations

A video of a group of men getting electrocuted during Ram Navami celebrations is shared with false claims


Rajasthan:-Enterning The Muslim Settlement By Chnaging the route, A Young Man Danceing In Front Of The Mosque While Playing A Song Inciting Muslims In The DJ Became The Victim Of An Accident

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Ram Navami 2023 procession and celebrations instigated violence across many states in India. Meanwhile, a video showing a person electrocuted by a high-tension cable is shared with the claim that a young man after entering the Muslim settlement by changing the route created a ruckus in front of the Mosque by playing the Song ‘Bharat Ka Baccha Baccha JSR Bolega” and got electrocuted and burnt to ashes in Rajasthan.

Another post claimed that it happened in a RamNavami procession when 6 Hindus tried to cut off the power supply to a Mosque and got electrocuted.

What is the truth?

When searching with the relevant keywords we found an article by India Today dated 31, March 2023 with a matching visual from the viral video. The article mentions that 7 men formed a human pyramid to take down a steel ring while performing stunts during Ram Navami celebrations in Kotradeet village in Rajasthan’s Kota district. They got stuck in an overhead high-tension cable and were electrocuted. Three people died of electrocution and three others faced severe injuries.

The Print and Times Now News reported the incident and conveyed the same information as seen above. These articles that we referred to did not mention the young men playing the “Bharat Ka Baccha” song in front of a Mosque or that they have tried to cut off the power supply to a Mosque before getting electrocuted as claimed.

Another video taken from a different angle during the same incident is found on a YouTube channel. Mosque is nowhere found in the video. Moreover, it looked like a street filled with houses. The high-tension cable is seen in the mid of the road.

When searching further on Google Maps, no Mosques are found in Kotradeet village. The village has multiple temples but not a Mosque.


It is found that the claims that the young men from Ram Navami celebrations died of electrocution when they tried to cut off the power supply to a Mosque or that they were playing the “Bharat Ka Baccha’ song in front of the Mosque are false. Three people died of electrocution when trying to take off the steel ring while performing stunts.

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