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Do the 3 IPS officers belong to the same family? 


3 IPS officers from the same family. All are IPS officers as 2 brothers and 1 sister.



A photo of two men and a woman in police uniforms shared as 3 IPS officers from the same family has gone viral on social media across India. The photo and wishes are also being shared on Tamil based Facebook pages for being IPS cadets in the same family.

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Fact Check

While doing a reverse image search of the viral photo, we found that IPS officer Pooja Vashisth, who works in Haryana, shared the viral photo on her Instagram page, saying, “People who make life easier.” by tagging the Sridar Vallabhbhai Patel National Police Academy.

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In the photo, Shrutakirti Somavansi on the left and Tushar Gupta on the right. The photo has also been posted on the Instagram page of IPS officer Tushar Gupta.

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Pooja Vashisth, Shrutakirti Somavanshi and Tushar Gupta do not belong to the same family. All three IPS officers have posted on their Instagram story that social media users are spreading false information about them.

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In 2018, all three IPS officers were trained together. The announcement of the posts of IPS officers on December 19, 2018 contains the details of the three persons.


In our search, we were able to find out that the people in the photo who went viral as 3 IPS officers from the same family were not members of the same family, but trained together as IPS trainees in the same batch.

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