This article is from Dec 12, 2020

Did Tughlaq magazine publish a cartoon which portraits Tamils ​​as ants?




The cartoon about actor Rajinikanth’s political entrance on the cover of Tughlaq Weekly magazine has drawn ants in front of the vehicle, referring to protesters as Tamils, and the photo has gone viral on social media sites including Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp.

Followers are also asked us to comment on the authenticity of the photo, which went viral with condemnation of insulting Tamils. When I searched for the viral photo, I was able to identify it as an edited photo.

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It is true that in the controversial cartoon about Rajinikanth published in Tughlaq Weekly on June 7, 2017, protesters were portrayed as ants. But it does not mention Tamils as ants, someone intentionally edited as Tamils as ants on it.


They are spreading the rumour by editing the controversial Tughlaq cartoon in 2017. Tughlaq editor Gurumurthy is one of the people who keep saying that actor Rajinikanth should come to politics.

There is an emerging social media conflict between supporters and opponents of Rajinikanth after he announced that he was about to start a new political party. Meanwhile, rumours have also been circulating like this.

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