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Old false accusation made by Thushara Ajith is shared again on social media spreading communal hatred


Thusara Ajith, a woman entrepreneur in Kerala, was attacked by Muslims for declaring that her restaurant does not sell halal-certified food

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Social media posts claiming Thushara Ajith who started non-Halal hotel in Ernakulam, Kerala was brutally attacked as she declared her restaurant as non-halal, are shared. The claim is shared as video recently and is being shared since 2021. Some of the posts with such claims can be seen here, here, here, and here.

What is the truth?

When searching for the keywords from the viral post, it is found that Thushara Ajith Kallayil started an anti-halal restaurant ‘Nandhus Kitchen’ in Ernakulam, Kerala. And it was mentioned in the ‘Kerala Kaumudi’ article dated 15, January 2021 that the restaurant was 1.5 years old at the time of publishing the article.

A Twitter post from ‘HKupdate’ dated 14, January 2021 has the video of Thushara Ajith appearing in a local news channel.

The News Minute’ article dated 28, October 2021 says that Thushara Ajith posted seven live videos on her Facebook page, claiming she was assaulted by ‘jihadis’ for starting a non-Halal restaurant in Kochi’s Kakkanad, and serving pork. But she didn’t reveal the names of those who attacked her which was later revealed as non-Muslim nearby shop owners Nakul and Benoy.

“A woman entrepreneur who alleged “jihadis” had attacked her because she planned to open a non-halal restaurant has been booked for spreading communal hatred with false accusations, Kerala police have said”, mentions the ‘Telegraph India’ article 2, November 2021.


It is found that Thushara Ajith made false accusations that Muslims attacked her for opening non-halal restaurant where the fact is she was injured in a scuffle with nearby non-Muslim shop owners and later FIR was registered on all four involved in the brawl. She was also booked for spreading communal hatred with false accusations.

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