This article is from Jun 22, 2021

Fact Check: A Lion roaming at the Tirunelveli, Virudhunagar Cement Plant Area?


Lion roams the Ram & Co Cement plant in RR Nagar, Virudhunagar district.

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A 20-second lion roaming video is claimed to have happened in the area of ​​the RR Nagar cement manufacturing plant between Virudhunagar and Sattur and it has been shared on social media for the past few days.

The same video has been going viral on social networking sites including WhatsApp for a few days now claimed to have happened at a cement plant located in Thalaiyathu, Tirunelveli district.

The Tirunelveli District Superintendent of Police Arjun Saravanan on his Twitter page, ” Don’t spread rumour, the video of a lion which has been roaming which is claimed to be happened at near the Tirunelveli Cement Factory for the past two days is taken at Gujarat State Cement Factory.”

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Regarding the movement of lions, Forest Officer Gautham said, “Lions are found only in Gujarat in India. They may be possibly come this far via any goods train. However, I have ordered the forest staff to be monitored. ”

When we contacted, the Tirunelveli District Forest Department they said, “We received information that a lion walked near the Shankar Cement plant. Following this, the forest staff went there and inspected it. While it is true that there is a cement plant in that area, but there is no such area as in the video. the factory featured in the video is in the state of Gujarat. Because there are lions only in Gujarat, not here. We also checked to see if the freight train might have arrived. There is no such thing. ”

In the state of Gujarat in India, lions are more likely to roam in populated areas. Lions only can be seen at the Vandalur Zoo in Tamil Nadu.

No details were available on which area was taken viral and who took it, as the background music was linked to the lion’s video and shared on social media.


Earlier, we had posted about the WhatsApp rumour that photos of lions roaming around the Gujarat port area were claimed to be taken in the Chennai port of Tamil Nadu.

We ask people to don’t believe the rumours like that a lion is roaming in Tamil Nadu.

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