This article is from Mar 19, 2022

BJP members spread the fake news that Vaiko has criticized the Tamil Nadu budget!


Modi government’s Jal Jeevan project, Sukanya project, Abhiyan Poshan project and Awas Bojana project are only being renamed in Tamil . It is very disappointing that none of new projects for development have been announced – General Secretary of MDMK ,Vaiko!

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Gayatri Raghuram, and members of the IT wing of the Tamil Nadu BJP, shared on Twitter that the general secretary o MDMK and MP Vaiko had criticized the Tamil Nadu government for releasing the budget report for the financial year 2022-2023, stating that the schemes are only renamed in Tamil

What is the fact?

In a news card circulated by the BJP that DMK alliance MP Vaiko had criticized the Tamil Nadu government’s budget, they erroneously edited it as “; announced ” instead of “not announced ”any new development plans.

Regarding the Tamil Nadu budget, Vaiko said, “A budget that upholds social justice. The allocation of Rs. 2 crores for the Agara Mudhali Thittam, giving priority to the development of Tamil, is welcome. The compilation of Periyar’s thoughts is sweet as honey”


Based on our search we affirm that the telecast TV news card showing Vaiko criticizing that the budget of the Tamil Nadu government was only a naming ceremony in Tamil for the projects of the Modi government was a fake.

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