TN chain snatching incident is falsely shared as from UP!

A video showing some person from a moving car trying to snatch a chain from a woman is from Coimbatore, TN


Jungle Raj UP!! The robber snatched the chain from a woman walking on the road and escaped! Where is the fugitive now? Who used to say that even a woman laden with jewelry would be safe??

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A woman walking on the side of the road while wearing a churidar is shown in the 14-second footage. Abruptly, we notice a car driving up next to her, and someone from the car grabs her shawl. The woman stumbles and falls on the sidewalk.

We can clearly see that she has been dragged across the road while the automobile is moving forward. The car then accelerates leaving the lady on the road. She now stands up and dusts her clothes, arms, and legs. Then she begins to walk slowly, and that is where the video ends.

This post is shared with a claim stating, “Jungle Raj UP!! The robber snatched the chain from a woman walking on the road and escaped!” You can see a similar claim post here.

What’s the truth?

We began our study by searching Google for pertinent keywords and viral keyframes. This directed us to a May 17, 2023, article from The Times of India.

The article is titled “Police arrest 2 miscreants post chain-snatching attempt in Tamil Nadu’s Coimbatore” and also carries the same viral video in it. Compared to the viral video posted on social media, the footage included in the piece was far clearer.

According to the article, “In a horrific incident, 2 miscreants tried to snatch the chain of a passerby woman in Tamil Nadu’s Coimbatore. However, the woman was able to successfully save herself and the chain during the incident. Based on CCTV footage recorded, the police were later able to arrest the culprits involved.”

The New Indian Express also provided detailed coverage of this story, which you can read here.

The aforementioned details imply that the chain-snatching crime occurred in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, not Uttar Pradesh, as the widely circulated narrative states.


We, therefore, conclude that the widely circulated rumor that a robber in UP stole the chain from a woman who was walking down the road and fled is false. The unfortunate event actually took place in Tamil Nadu’s Coimbatore district.

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Indu Meenakshi

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