Rumour has it that a unit of electricity is Rs 7.85 for residents and temples alone in Tamil Nadu!


Electricity Charges in Tamil Nadu –

Common Citizen: Rs.7.85 per unit

Mosque: Rs.1.85 per unit

Church: Rs.1.85 per unit

Hindu Temple: Rs.7.85 per unit

This is the Dravidian model.

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It has been seen that many BJP members are spreading forward information on social media that during the DMK regime in Tamil Nadu, a unit of electricity is being provided to ordinary citizens and Hindu temples alone at Rs 7.85, and to churches and mosques at Rs 1.85 per unit.

What is the truth?

In 2019, we debunked the rumour that electricity charges are Rs.8 per unit for temples and Rs.2.85 per unit for churches and mosques.

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We had conveyed that for all places of public worship under the Hindu Religious Endowment Department, like temples, mosques, and churches, electricity from 0 to 120 units will be charged at Rs 2.85 per unit, and if it goes above 120 units, the fee will be Rs 5.75 per unit without subsidy.

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Then in 2020, the RTI information became controversial that mentioned electricity charges for 0 to 100 units as Rs.5.00 per unit for private temples which are not under the Hindu Religious Endowment Department and Rs.8.05 per unit for more than 100 units. We had published a detailed article saying that it was a fixed fee for all religious private places of worship that got commercial connection and similarly Rs 2.85 per unit for all public places of worship.

According to the notification issued by TNERC in the year 2017, “Revised Tariff rates with effect from 11.08.2017 Approved rate and payable by the Consumer”, the first 100 units of electricity usage for households is free. And Rs. 1.50 per unit for electricity consumption between 101 and 200 units is charged.

However, last July, Electricity Minister Senthil Balaji announced that the electricity tariff would be increased in Tamil Nadu.

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According to the new tariff, electricity consumption between 101 and 200 units will be charged an additional Rs.55. If we calculate this further, for electricity consumption between 101 and 200 units Rs.2.05 per unit is being charged. But rumours are being spread that Rs 7.85 per unit is levied only for citizens and temples.


Rumour has it that the electricity tariff in Tamil Nadu is Rs.1.85 per unit for the mosque, Rs.1.85 per unit for church and Rs.7.85 per unit for common citizens and Hindu temples.

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