This article is from Nov 30, 2021

Old video of fish entering houses in flood waters in Tamil Nadu is being shared !


DMK government’s achievement – Rs.2500 crore worth catfish-farming development project in houses of people.




Due to the heavy rains in Tamil Nadu, rainwater is stagnant in many places. In many districts, including Chennai, floodwaters have inundated houses and people are suffering because of it. In particular, there have been video and news reports of people fishing in the floodwaters from the lake and snakes entering residential areas.

Meanwhile, a 29-second video criticizing the DMK government for the influx of catfish into floodwaters is being circulated on social media.

What is the Truth?

While searching for the viral video, the ‘therakyatpost’ website states that the video went viral that catfish had entered homes during the floods in Malaysia in November 2020.

Twitter link | Archive link  

It is also rumoured that the same video was taken in Tirupati a few days ago.


The video claiming that catfish entered the houses in the floods caused by the heavy rains in Tamil Nadu, did not belong to Tamil Nadu but is a video that went viral in 2020 during the floods in Malaysia.

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