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Is the Surya Namaskar video taken during Olympics in Tokyo ?


Surya Namaskar during the Olympics. Thanks to Modiji who made the world know our culture.



A 1.20-minute video is viral in several languages including Tamil on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. It claims that Surya Namaskar introduced in India is being performed during the Olympics which is happening right now in Tokyo, Japan.

What is the truth?

News channels including ‘Indian Express’ have published photos and videos of the Tokyo Olympics opening ceremony. When we searched clips for Surya Namaskar we did not find one.

When we searched with the keywords related to viral video, we got to see the same video clip dated February 2021 with the caption ‘Surya Namaskar in Mongolia’ published by a YouTube channel.


Taking a cue from this, our further search resulted in ‘Mango news’ YouTube channel’s video captioned ‘PM Modi at Indian Community Reception in Mongolia’, dated 18th May 2015. The people who are seen in this video can also be seen in the viral video.

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When Prime Minister Modi visited Mongolia in May 2015, the crew has performed Yoga, Surya Namaskar and other such activities in an event.


We found that the video from an event organized during PM Narendra Modi’s visit to Mongolia in 2015 is viral now as Surya Namaskar in Tokyo Olympics.

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