Fact-Check: Video Purports to Show Farmers Vehicle Arriving at the Delhi Protest Site; No, unrelated old video is falsely linked 


BJP govt has sealed all  the borders coming  from Haryana and Punjab with nails and barricades to stop the farmers of marching towards Delhi. But the determined farmers have found their way out to shake roots of regime #FarmersProtest 

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Indian farmers again started the protests in February 2023, demanding a legal guarantee for minimum support price (MSP) for all crops, loan waivers, and other measures. This followed the rollback of 3 contentious farm laws in 2021. While smaller in scale, the protests highlight ongoing concerns about farmers’ welfare and the government’s commitment to their demands.

Meanwhile, In a 16-second viral video, we can see a group of farmers’s tractors and trucks crossing the river, while other vehicles are waiting for their turn. It was widely shared and claimed that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)-led government closed all the borders between Haryana and Punjab using nails and barricades to prevent farmers from marching to Delhi. Despite this, the determined farmers have managed to find alternative routes to shake the roots of the BJP regime. Similar claims shared by Congress supporters can be seen here, here, here, and here.


Even many media outlets, such as New 24, New18 Telugu, Samacharnama, and Prabhat Bangla, used screengrab images of this viral video and wrote stories on ongoing farmer protests.

Leader of Opposition in Uttar Pradesh and President of Samajwadi Party Akhilesh Yadav also posted the same viral video with the caption, ” What kind of respect is it to farmers’ well-wishers Chaudhary Charan Singh ji and Swaminathan ji that the BJP government is laying the nails for the farmers’ movement? The truth is that the BJP government is hiding its shortcomings. The whole world is watching the repressive policies of the BJP. The BJP has dug up the road to democracy in the country, and the barbed wire laid in the path of independence has tarnished the country’s image in the entire world. Now, fed up with the BJP government, the country of Rs 140 crores is standing together, which will not make them ‘pass 400’ but ‘defeat at 400’. The voice of unity will melt iron nails.”. 

What is the Truth?

We ran a reverse search image using the keyframes of the viral video, and we found a similar video posted on the 2X Agriculture Lover YouTube Channel on January 17, 2024, with the description “Tractor’s life taken away // tractor shortvideo #youtubeshortsts #shorts #ytshorts #vira#tractor.or”.

However, the ongoing farmer protest started in February 2024, but this was before the farmer protest 2.0. It clarifies that this video is one month old and unrelated to the ongoing farmer “protest.” Though we could not find the whereabouts of this video, we could ascertain that the video is old and unrelated to ongoing farmers protest.

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It is found that an old video of tractors crossing a river is falsely shared to claim that farmers found their way despite borders sealed by the BJP government.

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