Video of gold coins and a serpent claiming to be a treasure from the excavation site of Mangalore is fake.


During excavation work in the Central Market for redevelopment, gold coins were discovered.  Surprising how a serpent was found inside the sealed vessel alive after so many years!

This was in Mangalore.

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A video is being shared on social media with a claim that a treasure is found in Mangalore during the excavation work done for development purposes in Central Market. It also exclaims how a snake is found along with gold coins in the treasure. These posts can be seen here, here and here.

What is the truth?

In search of the source video, the link ‘Hazine avcisi’ below the viral post is clicked. This Facebook page Hazine avcisi is found with a lot of similar treasure videos. This viral video was posted along with another Facebook page ‘treasure.path’ with the caption ‘the moment of finding a mysterious treasure’.

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The viral video was also posted on ‘treasure.path’ Facebook page separately.

Searching on Google with the keywords from the description of the video resulted in several videos. One among the videos seems to be posted by the ‘Hazine avcisi’ Youtube channel.

The viral video is a clipped portion of the Youtube video. The description of the video is a mix of English, Turkish and Georgian.

When the Turkish content is translated, it explains the legal actions for conducting excavation research without proper permissions and procedures. In the end, it had a column ‘Note’ which mentions that ‘all the scenes exhibited are edited’.

When the Georgian content is translated, it says, ‘it’s all made up, not real. All videos are fictional. The goal is to entertain people’.

So all the videos posted on the Facebook and Youtube page of ‘Hazine avcisi’ are not real, edited and are done to entertain people. One such video is shared with the claim that gold coins were found in an excavation carried out in Central Market, Mangalore.

When searching for the information on excavation carried out in Central Market, Mangalore to know the facts, no news on it is found.


The video claimed to be a treasure from the excavation site of Central Market, Mangalore is fake and edited.

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