Did the BJP win the Trichy BHEL union leader election?


BJP wins Trichy BHEL trade union leader election for the first time!

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CTR Nirmal Kumar, the IT Wing Head of the Tamil Nadu BJP, posted a video on his Twitter page celebrating the victory of the union members, claiming that the BJP had won the election of BHEL’s union president in Trichy. BJP members are also sharing this information on social media.

What is the truth?

BHEL, one of the Indian public sector companies near Thiruverumbur in Trichy, has various unions for its employees. Elections are held every four years to elect union members who have the authority to negotiate with management about the problems faced by the company’s workers, and the benefits and rights they are entitled to.

BHEL’s union election was held a few days ago. The election was contested by 9 unions, with 4,488 votes out of a total of 4,565 workers’ votes. The unions with 10% of the vote in the election get a member.

At the end of the election, this year, the DMK’s EPU/LPF got 938 votes and was elected as the primary union with 2 members. Next comes the AIADMK’s ATP with 738 votes, the Congress INTUC with 579 votes, the BJP’s BMS with 571 votes and the Marxist Communist Party’s CITU with 568 votes. All these associations have 1 member each.

The DMK’s EPU/LPF has been elected as the primary association with the highest number of votes and members again. The BJP has won one seat in the recognition elections. But it has been misrepresented as BJP is the winner in the election.


The rumours circulating that the BJP had won the Trichy BHEL union election were false. The DMK’s EPU/LPF has won 2 members in the recognition election held for the BHEL Company Workers’ Unions. AIADMK, Congress, BJP and CPM affiliates have 1 member each.

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