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It is rumoured that the Tamil Nadu government is constructing a Periyar statue worth 100 crores !


100 crore worth 135-foot Periyar statue in Trichy – Stalin

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DMK ruling Tamil Nadu government announced the plan to build 39 crores worth memorial for Karunanidhi which created controversy in the political circle.

A post with a newspaper cutting claiming that the DMK government is constructing a 135-foot Periyar statue worth 100 crores in Trichy is being circulated on social media.

What is the Truth?

Tamil Nadu government is not constructing a 135-foot structure of Periyar in Trichy but Periyar Self Respect Propaganda Institution has planned it and the state government has just approved it.

A website named angusam reports, “Stalin, CM OF Tamil Nadu has passed the government order approving the plan of Periyar Self Respect Propaganda Institution to construct ‘Periyar Ulagam’ in Siruganur, Trichy which includes 95-foot tall statue, 40-foot pedestal, kids park and library”.

The newspaper cutting in the viral post also reports, “Construction of 135-foot tall Periyar statue on behalf of Periyar self respect propaganda institution in Siruganur, Trichy-Chennai NH is planned. Dravida Kalagam chief K.Veeramani is the institution’s secretary. The said institution has applied for the government order three years back, and is approved now by the CM Stalin”.

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Naam Tamilar Katchi Seeman, “Who is Periyar? He collected money for the naming ceremony and to visit and have food in one’s house. He built schools and colleges with the money earned through selling the slippers thrown on him. You know who owns the institutions now.

You talk about free travel in buses and the reason is poverty, 1000 rupees for the homemakers and the reason here is also poverty. When we are in such a situation, how to accept spending 100 crores on constructing a statue for somebody who wished to eradicate poverty. There is no difference between spending 3000 crores on Vallabhai Patel’s statue and now 100 crores on the Periyar statue. Periyar has a sufficient number of statues already. This shows the arrogance of power and excess money”, expressed his view against the construction of the Periyar statue.

He mentioned the plans of DMK and words like the arrogance of power denoting the construction of the Periyar statue by the government, after which his speech is being opposed on social media.


It is fake that the Tamil Nadu government is constructing a 100 crores worth Periyar statue in Trichy. Periyar Self Respect Propaganda Institution has planned to construct Periyar statue, library and park which has been approved by the government recently.

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