This article is from Jan 22, 2021

Tamakuru medical officers pretend to take the corona vaccine? What is the truth?


People in Tumkur district of Karnataka are acted as they were injecting corona vaccine!!?



The Central Government has started administering the corona vaccine in India. Former employees and government officials are being vaccinated in a way that gives people confidence in the corona vaccine.

Meanwhile, a 43-second video of a public welfare officer and the principal of a nursing college posing for a photo and pretending to be vaccinated against corona in Tumkur, Karnataka, went viral on social media.

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Tamil news channels have also posted about the video as it has gone viral on social media.
Fact Check:

Featured in the viral video is Tumkur District Welfare Officer (DHO) Nagendrappa and Chief of the District Health Training Center Dr M Rajani. Both of them have denied the allegations and said they were vaccinated.

On the Kannada news site, Nagendrappa, who has denied all the allegations, said, “I was vaccinated at the district hospital on January 16 for public awareness. However, the relevant documents have not been uploaded yet. He said that he would take immediate action in this regard and give an explanation to the media.

Dr. Rajani , who has denied the allegations as false news, has issued a statement regarding this issue.

“According to the application, our vaccination is not due on January 16th. However, we were notified in advance on January 16, the first day of the vaccination campaign. Therefore, we had to re-register and the process was delayed. The media were in a hurry to register the vaccination for us. So, we finally decided to pose for some photos, ”Nagendrappa, Tumkur District Welfare Officer, told India Today.

local TV channel reporter told the TNM News that the media asked them to pose as vaccinating for some photos. The video taken by someone while posing for the photo is being spread incorrectly.


In our search, the scene where the District Welfare Officer and the Principal of the College of Nursing were photographed as being vaccinated in the Tumkur area of ​​Karnataka was misunderstood.

They have posed for some photos before being vaccinated for the urgency of the media. Vaccination procedures are then underway.

Nagendrappa and doctor Rajani said they had been vaccinated. A local TV reporter there confirms that.


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