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Photo of a dog calling to rescue someone trapped in the rubble | Taken in Turkey?


Heartbreaking photo. The affectionate pet dog who cried out to find his master and come to rescue as many people lost their lives in yesterday’s powerful earthquake in Turkey

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A photo of a dog sitting nearby with only a human hand visible in the middle of a dilapidated building has gone viral on the internet as a scene of a dog calling for help to save its owner trapped in the Turkish earthquake. Siraj Babu has shared the meme post created with the photo on Facebook groups.

On October 30, on the Twitter page of the digital world, they posted this photo in Spanish as a photo taken in Turkey.

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Fact Check:

An earthquake centred on the Aegean Sea in Turkey has caused several buildings to collapse in the city of Izmir. The earthquake was reported below the Pacific Ocean floor, however; no tsunami alert was issued. The earthquake was reported below the Pacific Ocean floor, however; no tsunami alert was issued.

The death toll from a powerful earthquake in Turkey has risen to 27, with more than 800 injured. Rescue operations are underway in the quake-hit areas.

Searching for a photo of a dog that goes viral as a dog calling for help to rescue those trapped in the rubble in the Izmir area, I was able to find out that the photo was uploaded on October 18, 2018 on the photo sales site with the key words “Turkey earthquake dog rescue owner”. Many photos related to this are featured on that site.

Another photo sales site,, also posted a photo of the same dog. Neither site provided details of where the photo was taken.

It is not possible to say for sure whether this was a photo taken during the actual earthquake or taken exclusively for sale. However, it is clear that the current earthquake in Turkey has nothing to do with this photo.

Mob dogs on the rescue team help locate those trapped in the rubble. A dog on a rescue team has rescued a cat trapped for 30 hours in the rubble of an earthquake in Turkey, according to a photo posted on


In our search, the photo, which spreads like a tearful dog calling to find its master in the rubble of an earthquake, was not taken during the Turkish earthquake, and the photo was released on photo sales sites two years ago.


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