Two Marathi women stole another woman passenger’s purse, falsely tagged as Rohingya Muslims.


2 Rohingya women caught inside #DelhiMetro stealing money from the purse of a woman 

These Rohingya and illegal Bangladeshis are behind 70% of crime in Delhi, but #ArvindKejriwal won’t speak a word against them; on the contrary, he helps them with funds and land to settle them in Delhi. 

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A 1-minute, 9-second video shows a boy taking a video and explaining that he will take a video and submit it to the police. Now you can see a lady passenger carrying a blue purse, and just watch how these thieves are stealing things. 

Once the blue purse carrying lady passengers entered the metro train, the person who took the video immediately called her and informed her that these two women had stolen the purse and taken money. When the lady passenger came out and asked one of the thieves at that time, she threw a mini-pursuit silently behind her. As the lady passenger saw her purse on the floor, she started yelling at her and started beating her. The lady passenger’s sikh husband hit her from behind, and another lady was trying to run from the place, but the person who took the video caught her and stopped her. 

Several times we fact-checked Amitabh Chaudhary’s claims and again that he shared this viral video on X to claim that two Rohingya Muslim women were caught inside the Delhi metro stealing money from the purses of female passengers.

What’s the truth? 

We ran a reverse search using the keyframes of the viral video, and we found the original video posted on the Sintu Gupta YouTube channel on March 16, 2024. In this full video, this YouTube vlogger mentioned how a group of females were stealing things at Rajiv Chowk metro station, Delhi. 

On the timestamp of 6:57, the vlogger caught and told another woman, “come with me; don’t run, and I have to take you to the police.” Then the woman replies, “Did you see that I stole something randomly? Don’t blame me.” Then the vlogger said, “Even I know Marathi; don’t try to fool me.” On timestamp 7:07, she abuses the vlogger, and she starts yelling at him in Marathi language.

In the full video, nowhere does the vlogger mention that these women are Rohingya Muslims. He just shows how regularly these women do this at Delhi’s Rajiv Chowk metro station. The vlogger also shared another video on Instagram where we can see, from a top angle, a full group of these women who are ready to steal something. 

A vlogger shared this video to expose this woman’s gang, and in the full video, nowhere is it mentioned that these women are Rohingya Muslims. We tried to contact the vlogger, and once the vlogger reverts back, this article will be updated. 


This video is from Delhi’s Rajiv Chowk metro station, where a group of women are stealing, and it has been falsely shared that these women are Rohingya Muslims. 

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