Typhoid cannot be cured by Coconut Peels as claimed.



This is Coconut peel, for typhoid or to boost your blood. Dry it very well with sun and cook it with a pinch of potash, drink a cup morning and night

Check yourself withing two weeks and see how typhoid will fly away

Ben cares…

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Some users on social media claim that Typhoid can be cured by Coconut Peels, in addition to boosting blood count.

Typhoid is a fever caused by bacteria called Salmonella typhi. It comes from the same family of bacteria that causes Salmonella food infections. It usually spreads through contaminated water or food or through people who are already infected with typhoid. Although typhoid is rare in developed countries, it is quite common in the developing world.

On social media, there is a viral claim that is being made which claims that typhoid can be cured and treated using coconut peels or coirs. There are various methods described in those posts to make a potion that would heal human body from typhoid infection in addition to boosting blood count.

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What’s the truth?

We searched thoroughly for any scientific proof that proves coconut coir can be used to treat typhoid. There are no studies that prove or even claim coconut coir can boost blood count.

World Health Organization warns that severe cases of Typhoid may lead to serious complications or even death and recommends prescribed antibiotics for treatment.

We also consulted with our Medical Expert Dr Praveen Kumar C (MBBS, MD, MRCP, DNB Gastro) regarding this claim. Dr Praveen clarified to us “Coconut coir is a non-edible substance and a fibre (thread) which has no nutritional value. So it is wrong to state that coconut coir can be used to treat an infection or boost blood count. If a person has a typhoid infection, the person should consult a doctor and follow the antibiotic regime or IV fluids that the doctor prescribes. These home remedies, especially coconut coir, which is used to wash kitchen vessels, should not be put in the mouth. This will not be useful in any way. If proper treatment is not given, typhoid could lead to severe consequences.”


In our fact-check, we find that coconut coir does not help treat or cure typhoid infection. Proper consultation with Doctors and their prescribed antibiotics will be the right way to treat typhoid.

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