This article is from Oct 27, 2020

Was “Beware of thieves” statement present behind Udayanidhi?




The photo of Udayanithi Stalin standing on the bus with the caption “Beware of thieves” behind him and the photo above has been shared by many on the social networking site.

CTR Nirmalkumar, head of the IT and social media wing of the Tamil Nadu BJP, posted a photo of Udayanithi Stalin on his Twitter page as “Picture Of The Day .. Thieves_Beware”.
Fact Check:
“Thoothukudi S Joel with brother Udayanithi Stalin at the Chennai airport to go to the Coimbatore protest” So another person has posted a photo with Udayanithi of DMK’s Kaleeswaran on Twitter. Both are in the same place.


Similarly, the original image of the viral photo was also found. In it, “Beware of the thief” pained statement was not featured. Someone Photoshopped on the original image with the words “Beware of the thief” statement on it.

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