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Is it the group of Hindus crowded against those who shouted the ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ slogan in Ujjain?


Muslims in Ujjain shouted ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ slogans recently during the Muharram rally. The very next day, Hindus in the area gathered in front of the mosque with saffron flags and showed their resentment by shouting ‘Those who chanted Pakistan Zindabad need not stay here but can leave to Pakistan’. See the Hindu crowd gathered. Will they speak supporting Pakistan now?



A 30-second video claiming it as Hindus gathered and protested in front of the mosque with saffron flags to show their resentment against Muslims shouting Pakistan Zindabad during Muharram really in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh is viral on social media.

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What is the Truth?

When we searched for the viral video, no news or video on the people gathered or protested in front of the mosque in Ujjain is found.

When keyframes from the video are reverse searched, news and videos on the people gathered for the Ram Navami function in 2018 in Karnataka were found.

The 30-second video was clipped from the video taken during the Ram Navami function in 2018 in Karnataka. Moreover, the audio clip claiming that gathered Hindus shouting ‘Those who chanted Pakistan Zindabad need not stay here but can leave to Pakistan’ is not available in the main video.


A short clip from the main video where the crowd seems to be near the mosque is merged with some other audio clip.

Ujjain Pakistan Zindabad issue

Policemen rushed to Geetha colony in Ujjain at midnight on August 19th since they received information that people gathered for Muharram and chanted Pakistan Zindabad slogans. The Ujjain police filed a case of treason on 16 people based on the video and CCTV footage. In addition, they filed a case on 4 more people. This news was on the news channels too.

Fact-checker Alt has published an article on 22nd August mentioning “Qazi Saab Zindabad slogan was mistaken as Pakistan Zindabad” along with proof videos. Additionally, Shabnam Ali from BJP who took part in the function said that no slogans as Pakistan Zindabad were raised, instead, Qazi Saab Zindabad was raised to welcome the person named Qazi Saab.

Hindustan Times reported on August 24th, “Ujjain policemen released a ten-minute video of the function where both the slogans ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ and ‘Qazi Saab Zindabad’ were raised but the video seems to be fake and Qazi who organised the function claimed that no such slogans were raised”.

“Ujjain Superintendent of Police, Satyendra Shukla said that our actions are based on the video captured by the district administrators. And we trust the video completely”, reported Hindustan Times.

A chaotic situation has been raised in the state due to the Pakistan Zindabad slogan issue in Ujjain. We would be clarified only after the investigation of the case and videos by the court.


The video claiming to be the crowd gathered in front of the mosque for raising Pakistan Zindabad slogans during the Muharram rally the previous day is a clip captured during Ram Navami in 2018 in Karnataka. A short video clip from the Ram Navami video was merged with some other audio clip and is being circulated widely.

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