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Did UN congratulate M.K.Stalin? Content from a Youtube video published as news by Murasoli, Kalaignar News and Viduthalai magazine !


UN congratulate Tamil Nadu CM Stalin on his governance. This astonished other countries.

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Kalaignar Seithigal published news on its Twitter handle, “UN congratulated Tamil Nadu CM Stalin”. The news article mentions a video titled ‘Bewildered World Nations’ published by ‘Post Box’ YouTube channel as its source. The activities and achievements of CM M.K.Stalin are also listed out.

In the end, it says that countries like America, Switzerland have decided not to have pictures of Former leaders on any of the government-related certificates following M.K.Stalin and has become the talk of the foreign media.

The article has also mentioned, “the UN Council that gathers members across the world recommended appreciating M.K.Stalin so that other nations can learn and follow selfless politics, as per the information from the important member of the UN Council”.

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Kalaignar Seithigal article has mentioned Murasoli magazine as the source. Viduthalai News too has published this news on the Facebook page.

What is the Truth?

When searched for the Post Box video mentioned in Murasoli and Kalaignar Seithigal, September 12th dated video titled ‘UN congratulated Stalin! Modi was awestruck!’ was found.

A 2-minute video that gained 35000 views has a person’s audio with pictures in the background. This was published as news by the media outlets.

However, the video didn’t attach any of the proofs or sources for the news including America and Switzerland to follow M.K.Stalin’s steps, and the UN appreciated Stalin. The channel has allegedly published a video. We do not know who the important member of the UN Council that gave them the details is.

If the said information were true, it would have been in the headlines of other reputed media outlets. But no such news on any other channels was found. Moreover, Murasoli and Kalaignar Seithigal too have mentioned the YouTube channel video as their source.

When reverse searching the image of the Journalist mentioned in the video, the image was found to be a BBC Journalist published in 2018.

The post box YouTube channel was started in 2019 and since then most of the videos published seem to be against BJP and ADMK supporting the DMK and alliance parties.

Professional media outlets like Murasoli and Kalaignar Seithigal has considered a video allegedly published by a YouTube channel and has mentioned it as their source without verifying to gain more audience.


It is evident that Murasoli, Viduthalai and Kalaignar news claiming, “The governance of M.K.Stalin has astonished the nations across the world; UN appreciated Stalin”, is fake. The news published was based on a video allegedly posted on a youtube channel ‘Post Box’ with no evidence.

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