Simulation video is falsely shared as ‘underwater volcanic eruption in Indonesia’



Underwater #volcano eruption in #Sumatra, #Indonesia. 🌋🌋🌋  #volcano #IndonediaVolcano

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A video of a volcanic eruption is shared with the claim that it is an underwater volcano eruption in Indonesia. This video was viral on social media in 2019 and resurfaces now. The social media posts with the viral video can be seen here, here, here, and here.

What is the truth?

When searching with the keywords from the viral post, several links mentioning it as a simulation video are found. The ‘Mirror’ article dated 11, October 2017 mentioned that the visualization was created as a part of research by volcanologist Professor Colin Wilson into the threat seen to New Zealand by a super-volcano eruption. It helped him receive the Rutherford Medal post which this video clip was released by Auckland Museum. High-end 3D technologies and particle effects were combined with a background plate, creating a realistic rendering of a catastrophic event, says the video creator.

The ‘Auckland War Memorium Museum’ Youtube channel published this video on 19, December 2019 with the title ‘Auckland Museum Volcano Simulation – Auckland Museum’.

The description of the video mentions it as an educational simulation of an earthquake caused by a volcanic eruption.


A simulation video created with high-end 3D technologies is shared with false claims that it is an underwater volcanic eruption in Indonesia.

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