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Did UNESCO has declared the Nadar community as the most ancient race in the world?


According to a study conducted by UNESCO, the UN Department of Heritage and Archeology, our Nadar caste has been selected as the world’s oldest and most trusted species. The Nadar community took first place. They have come to this conclusion after studying more than 3 lakh caste and ethnic groups in the world. No other caste in India is in the top 10 places. Praised as a world leader in the faith, currency, labour, helping others, antiquity, culture, tradition, affection, heroism, etc.

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When you see a certificate being issued that UNESCO has certified a caste system, you can easily see it as a Photoshop rumour, and many will start commenting on whether an article is necessary for all this. But, we were able to see this meme post being shared by many, so it is imperative to inform this to such people.

Even before this, we had posted on social media about the rumours circulating on social media that UNESCO had declared the Indian national anthem as the best national anthem in the world and the South Indian food Idly as the best food in the world. Following this, rumours have been circulating that UNESCO has declared a particular caste to be the best race. UNESCO does not make any such announcements.

The certificate contained in the above meme post contains not only the UNESCO logo but also UNHCR. UNHCR is the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. The year 2017 is also mentioned in the certificate.

Searching for the certificate issued by UNHCR in 2017, it appears that the certificate was issued to those who attended the training workshop for youth conducted by UNESCO in collaboration with the University of Doran in Kazakhstan, UNHCR.

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The above Facebook post features a certificate issued to a person. A photo of the certificate issued to another student is featured on the website of the UNESCO branch in Kazakhstan.



They are spreading the rumour that they print the text Nadar-India through Photoshop in the certificate issued to those who attended the training class held in Kazakhstan in 2017.


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