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False news published by Polimer News that the Union Govt is supplying petrol at the rate of Rs.52 including taxes !


The state government buys petrol from the central government for 52 rupees and sells it for 100 rupees. Polimer TV with proof !

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A video on petrol price hike is telecasted in Polimer News where it states that ,” As of Saturday, the central government has fixed the price of petrol at Rs 52.75 per liter including various taxes..” It has been reported that,”.. a litre of petrol along with state taxes is being sold at Rs.99.82 to motorists.” This 20 second clip has been shared on large numbers across several social media.

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Searching for the video clip that is going viral, on July 4, Polimer channel telecasted a commentary video titled “What would Vajpayee do , if the petrol price was Rs.100?” . This is the original video from which the 20 second clip was scrapped.

What’s the truth?

In recent times, people have come to realize that Union and state government taxes alone account for more than half of the selling price of petrol and diesel. We continue to report through articles how much taxes that the state and Union government imposes.

Even a few days ago, we published a fact checking article regarding a rumour which claims that the Union government supplies a litre of petrol for Rs.59 with taxes and the TN government imposes tax of Rs.40 on it. However, now the Polimer News claims a much lower price of Rs.52.75.

According to the official website of Indian Oil Corporation Limited, petrol price in Delhi will be Rs 98.81 as on July 1, 2021. Of this, it is clear that along with the base price of petrol, excise duty and dealer commission the Union government supplies a litre of petrol at Rs.76.01 to the states and UT’s. However, Polimer News has published a false report that the state government is being given a liter of petrol for Rs 52.75 by the Union government.

The Government of Tamil Nadu levies 15% +Rs. 13 VAT on a liter of petrol and 11% + Rs.9.62 VAT on a liter of diesel. Petrol and diesel prices differ only on the basis of VAT levied by each state.

Conclusion :

In our search, we came to know that the information published by Polimer that the Union Government along with various taxes set the price for a liter of petrol at Rs. 52.75 is incorrect.

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