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Did the UN remove cannabis from the drug list?


Cannabis removed from drug list: India backs UN

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The Dinamalar reported that the UN had removed cannabis from the drug list and that India had supported it. But a referendum has been held to shift cannabis from a high-risk list to another list for medical use.

But, the inside news is posted correctly and the outside headline is only posted incorrectly. Followers are being asked to post about a newspaper circulating on social networking sites about cannabis removal from the list of dangerous drugs.

Fact Check:

The United Nations Commission on Drugs is headquartered in Vienna. The Commission has 53 member countries. The Narcotics Commission is conducting a referendum on a series of recommendations made by the World Health Organization regarding the reclassification of cannabis and related substances from the list of dangerous drugs.

Twenty-seven countries, including the United States, the European Union and India, voted in favour. Twenty-five countries, including Russia, China and Pakistan, have voted against. It is reported that cannabis will be removed from the list of dangerous substances as the number of countries that voted in favour is high.

However, experts say the easing of international restrictions will not have an immediate impact, as governments have jurisdiction over how to classify cannabis.


The Chinese envoy said that our country would strictly control cannabis “to protect it from harm and abuse.” The British envoy said the reclassification of cannabis in their country would be “in line with the scientific evidence of therapeutic benefits.”

India has voted in favour of developing, selling and using drugs such as cannabis. Opposition parties have stated they will not run. Memes have been teasingly shared that there will be unrestricted cannabis sales because India voted in favour. That is unlikely to happen.

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