Did Muslims pelt stones during Ambedkar Jayanti celebrations in Mathura, UP?


Secular supporters of Bhim Army and Meem Army, have these stone pelters come from any other country?Who is pelting stones at the procession going out on Ambedkarji’s birth anniversary?? Your any expert comment on this #SecularGang ??

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Ambedkar’s birth anniversary was celebrated on April 14 across the country. Meanwhile, a video is being circulated on social media platforms including Twitter and Facebook in a context that Muslims pelted stones at the procession held during Ambedkar Jayanti celebrations. Some of the posts with such a claim can be seen here and here.

What is the truth ?

When searching with relevant keywords we found a tweet of Dinesh Chowdary from the BRS party on 15, April 2023 along with the viral video clip. The video is captioned “Dalits can’t even conduct Ambedkar Jayanti procession in BJP ruled Uttar Pradesh. Stones pelted at #Ambedkar Shoba Yatra in Mathura. These things will be a common occurrence everywhere if BJP gains Power once again”.

With further search, the ETV Bharat article dated 14, April 2023 is found carrying glimpses from the viral video. It is reported that on Ambedkar Jayanti, a procession was taken out on behalf of a community in Bhartia village of the Jet police station area on Friday. At the same time, people of other communities opposed this procession. It is alleged that during this the procession was pelted with stones and fired. After getting the information about stone pelting, the police force reached the spot. The police pacified the people of other communities for the procession to take place.

News 18 India news video is found mentioning that stone pelting broke out between two groups during the Ambedkar Shobha Yatra in the Mathura district of UP. Later the matter was pacified after the arrival of the police

Times of India article reported the incident mentioning that as per the police, a group of men from the Thakur community had been raising objections to the Ambedkar Jayanti procession being carried out by people from the Jatav community in the vicinity. FIR was registered against 9 known and 30-40 unknown individuals among which three persons have been arrested so far. They are identified as Surajbhan, 55, Hukum Singh, 24, and Pratap Singh, 28.

The article further mentions that a local resident said that none of the communities objected to the celebration when proposed in an all-community meeting. And after getting permission from the administration and during the procession a group of men from the upper caste resisted passing in front of their houses and hurled casteist slurs and later started the stone-pelting.


It is found from the search that Muslims did not pelt stones at the procession during Ambedkar Jayanti celebrations in Uttar Pradesh’s Mathura. It is to be noted that it was done by people from the Thakur community in the area.

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