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Video of a cow roaming at the hospital going viral | Did it happened in Uttar Pradesh?


Uttar Pradesh Minister visits Corona Ward. (in a sarcastic tone)

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Yogi Adityanath, the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh has been widely criticized on social media platforms for giving too much importance to cows.

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Meanwhile, an 18-second video of a cow roaming around a corona ward claimed to have happened in Uttar Pradesh and it has been shared by many on social media.

Fact Check:

In this pandemic situation where patients are being treated all over the hospitals for corona impact in India, but in the viral video patients are not seen much. There have been only a few.

Searching for the video with keywords, we found a video that posted 11 days ago on a Kenyan news website called Tuko news. However, no details were given as to where the video was taken. Instead, they gave credits to Aproko Doctor who is reported to have posted the video.

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Aproko Doctor is a famous Nigerian doctor with 1 million followers. He has mentioned himself as a TedX Speaker on Twitter. In his post, he does not mention where the video was taken.

According to the website naija2day, the video of the cow entering the hospital ward which is also highly shared by the Nigerian people, but it is not clear where the video was taken. Nigerian national The Republican News also posted this video on their Facebook page.


The video of a cow entering a hospital ward was shared widely by many and become viral in Nigeria 10 days ago. However, it is not mentioned in which country the video was taken. But it is clear that it is not captured in India. There is no news or other official posts that mentioned about this video was taken in India.

In our search, we came to know that the video claiming that a cow had entered the Corona ward in Uttar Pradesh did not belong to India.

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