UP girl burnt to death doesn’t have any communal angle rather it falsely amplifies hatred


A very painful story which couldn’t attract outrage. In Amethi, Gufran, Javed, Faizan, etc burnt a Hindu Brahmin girl Surbhi alive. The girl was a minor & police have registered a case against 8 people.

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The X post says that a Hindu Brahmin girl Surbhi is burnt alive. The girl was a minor & police have registered a case against 8 people. The user also added the names of three victims namely, Gufran, Javed, and Faizan, and he used ‘etc’ for the remaining people.

This same claim is repeatedly shared by many other social media users can be seen here, here, and here. Come, let’s check the authenticity of this viral claim.

What’s the truth?

When we started our research we noticed that claims mentioned that a case had been registered against 8 people. Only the names of the three victims are listed in the viral posts and all the three are minority communities. When we searched further we found that the names of people from the majority community also but that has been not displayed anywhere. This proves that the claim is misleading.

When we advanced our research we got a tweet posted by the ‘Amethi Police’ on 1 November 2023 and their action regarding the girl’s case. The police have arrested three persons so far and they are investigating and searching for more accused. We also got a press note released by them about the arrested criminal’s names and addresses. According to the report, we can see that, they have arrested three persons namely, “1. Mohammad Faizan son of Abdul Hameed resident of Puri Lohangi Majre Dakhingaon Kyar. Police station Bazar Shukla district Amethi, age about 23 years. 2. Prince Pal, son of Ram Prasad, resident of town and police station Bazar, Shukla district, Amethi, age about 19 years. 3. Gufran, son of Abdul Hameed, resident of entire Lohangi Majre, Dakhingaon Kyar police station, Bazar Shukla district, Amethi, age about 27 years.”

This clarifies that among the arrested three persons, Prince Pal, son of Ram Prasad belongs to the majority community and other two accused namely, Mohammad Faizan and Gufran belongs to the minority community. ABP Live reported that the reason for the murder is not clear and that the police investigation is still going on against Javed and village head Ram Bahadur Yadav, named in the incident. But the social media users have only mentioned the minority community people’s name leaving out the majority community people. This kind of selective hatred propaganda destroys the communal harmony.

Also, according to the ‘Amethi police tweet’ “03 people wanted were arrested by Police Station Bazar Shukla.” They shared this post along with the photograph where we can see they are standing with the arrested three criminals in front of the station.

Moreover, we also got a 56 second video posted by the ‘Amethi police’ on their X account on 26 October 2023, regarding the same case where we can hear the police explaining the incident. The tweet says, “On 25.10.23, a 17-year-old girl got burnt and injured in a fire in Bazarshukla, after taken to the hospital, she was declared dead by the doctor. Police of Bazarshukla registered a case and took necessary legal action.”

All the evidence proves that the incident is true but doesn’t have any communal angle as claimed by the social media users. The accused are from both the major and minority communities.


Therefore, we conclude that the viral claim is true except that it missed out adding Prince Pal s/o Ram Prasad in the accused list. Police arrested him along with Faizan and Gurfan. In reality, both the community persons are involved in the death of the girl.

The police are still investigating and searching for the remaining accused and once we receive the updates we will include it in the article.

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