This article is from Sep 30, 2020

Wrong photo goes viral as a girl who was abused and died in UP !


Photo of a girl who died after being sexually abused in Uttar Pradesh.

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On September 14, a girl from a Scheduled Caste in Uttar Pradesh’s Hadras district went missing while going to the field with her mother. The girl was abducted by 4 upper class men and gang-raped. The victim was severely beaten for to stop say anything other people.

The girl was first admitted to Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College Hospital with severe injuries such as fractures to the neck and back and tongue injury. She was later admitted to Safdarjung Hospital in Delhi as his health deteriorated. In this case, the giirl died after 2 weeks.

Protests erupted in the area over the incident for which criminals were gang-raped and killed a girl. Demands for the execution of criminals are going viral on social media. Also, parents and relatives allege that the girl’s body was cremated early in the morning due to the police crisis.

It is in this context that some Hindi websites and social media sites across India have been sharing a photo of another woman claiming to be Manisha Valmiki, who was sexually abused in the Hadras area and seeking justice for her death. In the photo, the woman standing in the sugarcane forest area is named Manisha Yadav.

“The victim’s brother has claimed that the woman in the viral photo is not his sister. The victim’s family said they did not know who the woman standing in the cane forest area in the photo was. Manisha Yadav, the woman in the viral photo, died in 2018 after being refused treatment at a Chandigarh hospital. The hashtag “Justice for the woman’s brother Manisha” has been shared on the social networking site with the photo, as the police did not take any action to lodge a complaint against the hospital, the India Today news site reported.


The photo of the girl has been misused in several posts about the woman who was sexually abused and died due to the confusion over Manisha’s name. We ask that you do not share this girl’s wrong photo.

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