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Is it the video of the RSS gang thrashing a Dalit girl for taking bath in a river in UP?


The RSS BJP Sangparivar gang thrashed a Dalit girl for taking bath in a river in UP.



A 40-second video claiming that the BJP gang is thrashing a Dalit girl for taking bath in a river saying that she has stained the river in Uttar Pradesh is viral on social media. The video shows a topless girl being beaten with sticks and tortured by a gang of people on the riverbank.

What is the Truth?

When the keyword woman being beaten is searched, 4th July 2021 dated NDTV article titled ‘Madhya Pradesh shocker on camera: women beaten with sticks by family’ has published the same video.

The article reports, “2 women get slapped, kicked dragged by their hair and beaten with sticks by at least seven people in disturbing videos that have emerged from Madhya Pradesh. The tribal women, who are cousins, were tortured in full public view by their family members because they were apparently talking to their maternal cousins – enraging the family. Many onlookers watched the crime, even recorded videos, but no one intervened to save the women from the bashing.

The brutal crime took place in Dhar district’s Pipalwa village. In another video, the woman’s mother too joins in the barbaric torture – slapping her, pulling her hair and hitting her with a slipper. The incident happened on 22nd June and just days later the videos were shared widely on social media after which the police intervened and arrested seven people including the mother and brother”.

The videos where two women were brutally tortured by their family members in Madhya Pradesh became viral and the news channels including Hindi and English have reported it with photographs and videos.


The post with a video that claimed that RSS, BJP gang thrashed a Dalit girl for taking bath in a river in UP is originally a video from Madhya Pradesh where the woman was tortured by her family members.

It is evident from the news articles that the incident happened in June 2021 due to inter-family disputes, and the accused were also arrested by the police after the videos went viral on social media.

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