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Video of a dalit woman being attacked for taking water from a well in UP?


I strongly condemn the beating and humiliation of a Dalit young woman for taking water from a well in UP. We must teach sinners a lesson.

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A video of a dalit woman taking water from a public well in Uttar Pradesh being severely beaten and her clothes torn has gone viral on social media. We decided to find out the authenticity of the video and information being made viral.

Fact Check:

No recent news or video information was found while searching the list with keywords that the woman was assaulted. Upon further investigation into the woman’s assault, it was reported that the viral video belonged to Gujarat.

A 17-year-old girl in Chota Udaipur area of ​​Gujarat has been severely beaten in front of her father for allegedly falling in love with a 20-year-old man. The 20-year-old man and the woman had left the city for Madhya Pradesh without informing anyone. But, they caught both of them and brought them back to the village and beat them severely. The attackers are said to be the woman’s family.

On May 31, The Times of India reported that the woman was not only assaulted but also had her boyfriend sit on the woman’s left shoulder. Police have arrested 2 people in connection with the incident. Police have also registered a case against the youth for abducting the minor girl.

Congress Leader Rahul Gandhi has condemned the viral video on his Twitter page on May 30.

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In our search, the viral video that a dalit woman was attacked by other castes for taking water from a well in Uttar Pradesh was false. The incident of attacking a Gujarati woman who fled to Madhya Pradesh with her boyfriend is being spread wrongly. Do not share false videos.

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